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Bury Grammar Infants

We are a warm and friendly school with the highest standards - and we make it fun to learn!

BGS Infants is an extremely exciting place to be! Our Infant children are curious, creative, imaginative, and adventurous.   

BGS Infants facilitates confident, active learners, supporting children to believe in themselves and in their own abilities, going on to take their place in the world. We promote a love of learning from the very earliest age and aim to unlock the potential of all our pupils. High expectations enable our pupils to fly!

It's good to get ahead

Why wouldn’t you want to give your child the best possible start in life? We think it’s fabulous to learn to read and write and know your times tables at the youngest age.  

Mastery in English and Maths is a given at our School. We like to open up our children’s experiences beyond the core curriculum to learning Science, History, Geography, French, Art, Drama, Design Technology, Music, PE and Sport... And more!

We are both traditional and modern

We have an outstanding reputation as a grammar school with an illustrious history, but we also take a pride in being forward-looking and innovative.   

As a Microsoft Flagship school, all our pupils have a surface to work on to enhance their learning. 

Wonderful mentors and specialist teaching

We believe children learn best when they are having fun and our experienced staff are experts in inspiring young, enquiring minds!   

And BGS children love to learn. Our Infant School is a happy, friendly place where children have room to grow and thrive. We love to challenge our pupils to try exciting new things, search for answers, learning both inside and outside of the classroom, whatever the weather!  

We all need a fabulous mentor in life, our teachers are superb, and the best possible guides for your children through their education.  

Class sizes are carefully measured to support group and personalised learning, with a strong focus on developing sound essential skills for the future. We help to inspire the problem solvers and critical thinkers of the future! 

A happy and fulfilled child is a busy child!

We have more than 50 extra-curricular activities on offer every week, in which your child can participate, the vast majority of which are covered within the fees.  

Children are encouraged to try everything! It is important for children to experience activities which they know they love doing, and something which takes them out of their comfort zone. At BGS, we encourage our children to get involved, as exploring interests, and developing skills at an early age provide the beginnings of a lifetime of interests and enjoyment! 

We know that parents lead busy lives

We want to work hard to support your family life, so you’ll be pleased to hear that our Breakfast Club starts at 7:30am each morning and After School Club continues until 6:00pm. Parents can focus on their own busy days in the knowledge your child is safe and happy with us. 

Home School Partnership

Our door is always open to parents. 

We pride ourselves on communicating regularly with parents and ensure you will always know exactly how much progress your child is making and how they are getting on at school. We love our children to take a pride in their achievements and to relish moving their learning on to the next stage.


Our facilities really are quite extraordinary. Your child can enjoy experimenting in our science labs, creating in our art studios, programming in our IT suites, or doing games on our 45-acre estate, and swimming in our pool, and all from the youngest age. The world they visit at school every day is an inspiring and vibrant one! 

All Through School

Send your child to us and the next key educational decision comes at age 18 and the choice of university. BGS Primary pupils do not usually sit the entrance examination for Senior School. 

Each stage of transition is seamless: 

  • Kindergarten is literally a few steps away from Reception  

  • Our Infants ‘jump into Juniors’ with ease 

  • Juniors progress into Senior School knowing some of the teachers and already feeling at home. 

Our parents love Bury Grammar School too!

You don’t need to believe everything we say about ourselves! 

A recent confidential survey showed that our parents overwhelmingly feel that:  

  • Bury Grammar School has been the right choice for their child  

  • The investment in a BGS education has been a wise one  

  • They would recommend our school to you! 

Please do come and see us for yourself. We’d be delighted to meet with you and to show you around our school.  

Kindest wishes, 

Mrs Chrissy Howard, Primary Principal 

10 reasons to choose BGS Primary Division

''Putting our son into Infants at BGS was the best decision we have made.  As a parent, it is so important to know he is happy and secure at school every day.  So many of our family and friends have noticed his increase in confidence which we know is down to the staff at school.  Thank you BGS!'' - Year 1 Parents