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Starting School in Reception

We have limited places available for Reception Class September 2024.
Please contact us for details: 0161 696 8600 (1).


Welcome to Reception at Bury Grammar School: where we understand how important your child's first steps into education really are.

We promote a love of learning from the very earliest age and aim to unlock the potential of all our pupils. High expectations combined with encouragement and care enable even our youngest pupils to fly!

Our teaching staff are experienced, highly skilled, and caring, making them the best people to support your child in the first year of their educational journey. Here at Bury Grammar School (BGS), we ensure that your child is well supported in small class sizes with beautiful classrooms and facilities, and we offer wonderful opportunities and experiences - children have the room to grow and thrive here.

You are warmly invited to visit us to find out more.

You may be asking yourself, "why choose an independent school" at the beginning of your child's school journey...
We hope after reading this you will understand what makes our school so special and will come along to find out more...

We care

We believe children learn best when they are having fun and our experienced staff are experts in inspiring young, enquiring minds! And we believe that children learn best with a strong home school partnership in place too. For us, good communication is vital, and we will always seek to communicate positively, honestly, and openly with our families. Our door is always open! We take great pride and care in the pastoral care system at BGS. We provide a safe and nurturing environment, that allows pupils to reach their potential in every area of life. We care for all the individuals in our school.

Our facilities are extraordinary

With 45 acres and the best sports facilities in the area, there is lots of space to play and learn, both indoors and outdoors. Your child will enjoy our outdoor classrooms and our on-site swimming pool. Our brand-new Primary Division library has dedicated full time librarians to help pupils learn. The Reception dining room has a specialist catering team to help with lunchtimes, our Infant gymnasium and Music studio are enjoyed weekly, along with our on-site Forest School - just a few of the highlights for our Reception pupils!

The opportunities we offer are endless

The personal development of our pupils is as important to us as their academic development. The wide-ranging activities we offer outside of the normal school day are impressive and our Enrichment programme only continues to develop as our pupils grow! We offer our younger pupils enrichment clubs each week, along with wrap around care - the trouble is fitting everything in - we think it's good to be busy and the opportunities are endless at BGS! These experiences are available before and after school to help our busy parents and to support family life.

Trips and visitors to school help to broaden horizons, whilst building confidence and having fun!

We run school trips both near and far in the Primary Division and begin locally with a visit to the local Fire Station in Reception. Visitors regularly enrich our curriculum with talks from dentists, GPs, Vets and Diwali dancing is always a big hit!  

Visitors to our school are varied and plentiful! Manchester Museum visited recently with their Inflatable Museum where pupils learned about Ancient Egypt. DRONEdays brought along a bank of iPads and their connected drones, where pupils learned about Tynker block programming software, and Scratch block coding. New experiences alongside friends provide the best learning opportunities.

By Year 3 we are running residential, activity trips and by Year 6 we travel abroad for skiing, sports, or Geography trips (by Year 12 you might even reach Borneo or New Zealand, but this of course is a long way off at the moment)! Experiencing independence in a safe and positive environment boosts self-confidence and allows new friendships to bloom and new challenges to be faced - all positive experiences for your child.

Academic success is a daily priority for us

It's good to get ahead. We think it’s fabulous to learn to read and write and know your times tables at the youngest age. Mastery in English and Mathematics is a given at our school. We make sure experiences go beyond the core curriculum to learning Science, History, Geography, French, Art, Drama, Design Technology, Computer Science, Music, Physical Education and Sport... And so much more!
Our class sizes are carefully measured to support group and personalised learning and are taught by our class teachers and highly qualified teaching assistants too. We all need a fabulous mentor in life, our teachers are superb, and the best possible guides for your children through their education.

BGS facilitates confident and active learners, supporting children to believe in themselves and in their own abilities, going on to take their place in the world.

It's not just us, our parents love Bury Grammar School too!

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