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Seniors BGS

What makes BGS Seniors unique?

Girls and boys are taught separately and are encouraged to be bold in their learning, growing into accomplished scholars.

Outside the classroom pupils enjoy an extensive extra-curricular programme together and grow in confidence and maturity, growing into socially confident people. Above all, we are committed to fostering a happy, inclusive, learning environment where pupils can thrive, try new things without fear of failure and harness their passions.

Pupils learn in single sex classes and consistently outperform expectations. There are advantages to being taught separately: pupils are encouraged to think independently, challenge ideas, take risks in their learning and be themselves without distractions.

Pastoral care is tailored to individual needs, giving everyone the space to grow.

Beyond the classroom, pupils mix in coeducational enrichment activities and socialise at break and lunch times. They are at ease in each other’s company and confident in communicating with one another. All pupils are seen, propelled and celebrated at BGS.

Our Senior School is unique and offers the best of both worlds:

Boys and girls are taught separately and benefit from tailored single sex pastoral care.

Outside the classroom, girls and boys enjoy a coeducational extra-curricular programme and get to know each other. The result is confident, accomplished young people.

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