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Girls' Senior School

Welcome to Bury Grammar Girls' Senior School!

It is hard to know where to start when telling you about our Girls' Senior School: I really think it has to be seen to be believed. Our girls are ambitious, with high aspirations and a great work ethic, but they are also fundamentally supportive of each other, gain real enjoyment from their education and are genuinely a joy to be around.

I may be biased, but I don't think you could find a more productive or uplifting environment in any other school!

What makes the Girls' Senior School really work? Belief. We believe in our pupils, we foster self-belief in them and, as Head, I believe in and make it my mission to support staff. 

We are relentlessly positive, aim high and offer girls the best experiences and highest standards. Our curriculum is second to none, our pastoral care outstanding and forward-thinking and the range of extra-curricular opportunities open to girls is extraordinary. Above all, we know and care about every individual pupil and will never give up on them.  

Our girls leave us confident, positive, kind, well-educated and absolutely ready for life and the professional world of work. Mutual respect, excellent relationships and a 'can do' approach are the hallmarks of an education with us.

Forget all the stereotypes and generalisations about girls and their learning: we encourage girls to be themselves, be fearless, take risks and go outside of their comfort zone. You genuinely will not find another school like this one.

We welcome visitors any day of the week and look forward to showing you around our fabulous school - it is very likely you will be impressed by the uplifting atmosphere, positive approach and mature and articulate pupils. And the effect of a BGS education is lifelong.

As we say - once a Bury Grammar girl, always a Bury Grammar girl. Come and visit us!

With kind wishes

Mrs Jo Anderson, Headmistress

'' The best thing about the school? The girls, of course. When you send your daughter to Bury Grammar you know she will be with a positive and supportive peer group with high aspirations.   An unbeatable combination. ''

Mrs Jo Anderson, Headmistress & Principal

'' Girls of all ages develop outstanding personal qualities; they are friendly, confident and articulate.  They are considerate of others and know that they are valued as individuals by the school community.''

Independent Schools Inspectorate

''The teachers are so friendly and really want you to do your best. If you do not understand something they will always offer extra help and support."

Year 7 Pupil

'' My daughter genuinely loves school! It is so nice to see her leave home each morning eager for the day ahead and return each evening full of excitement about her day at school.  Thank you Bury Grammar School, from a very happy parent!''

Year 7 Parent

"The support for my daughter has been great. Any issues that we have had have been resolved quickly and the advice she was given when choosing her options was invaluable. I feel really confident as she progresses into her GCSEs.''

Year 9 Parent