Sixth Form

Welcome to Bury Grammar Sixth Form!

Bury Grammar Sixth Form provides an academic and supportive environment where students can thrive and achieve. It is the 'crème de la crème' of BGS and the perfect preparation for university and life beyond.

It is a pre-university experience in the best possible way – independence alongside great care and support from teachers within small classes, who see their students as young adults. Academic aspiration is our central focus and all students are encouraged to become inquisitive, independent learners who leave the Sixth Form at Bury Grammar School as happy and confident young people, able to achieve their potential. 

Our enrichment programme is second to none, and students at Bury Grammar school are able to develop leadership and teamwork skills through the plethora of opportunities available to them. 

With excellent UCAS and Apprenticeship provision, coupled with a unique competitive course programme, our staff ensure that the students in their care are given the right tools to make informed decisions regarding the next stage in their life.

The Sixth Form Leadership Team and Sixth Form tutors give the best possible support and an enormous amount of one-to-one help to ensure our students thrive, grow and learn at this most precious and formative time of their lives.

The end result? Our sixth formers are accomplished, articulate, well-grounded, well-read and likeable adults when they leave us for pastures new.

We look forward to welcoming you to look round our Sixth Form: prepare to be blown away!

Best wishes

Mrs Holly Hammond, Head of Sixth Form

"Our Sixth Form provides a safe, open environment where confident and happy students can contribute to their community whilst receiving both an outstanding academic education and excellent pastoral care."

Mrs H Hammond, Head of Sixth Form

'' The Sixth Form years are potentially the best of your life. How can you not enjoy BGS Sixth Form? You have the freedom to be who you want to be and learn to be independent, while being supported by a team of utterly committed teachers who will ensure you succeed. ''

Mrs Jo Anderson, Principal

''  BGS Sixth Form provides you with the support needed to succeed at A Level.  It is a place where you feel comfortable and part of a great community. ''

Sixth Form Student


Our University Success

We really strive to go above and beyond at Bury Grammar to help our pupils get into the university of their choice. There are a number of ways we do this, including:

  • Teaching our pupils well, so they gain fantastic grades.
  • Providing phenomenal UCAS support and making sure every student gets all the help they need.
  • An extremely knowledgeable and experienced Sixth Form team.
  • We have a long track record of success and know how to make this happen.
  • We have an ethos of high aspirations. High aspirations and expectations are gold dust in terms of university applications!

Every year, the vast majority of students gains a place on their first choice course. See below our university outcomes from the previous years.

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