School outreach and Partnerships

Our school outreach programme involves significant contributions to other local schools in the Bury area.
For example we invite the pupils from the local music service to join with us at BGS to perform in an annual concert and to make music together. This forges strong community links, strengthens musical provision, and promotes both groups.
Our Director of Music visits a local school every Friday afternoon to support the school. During these sessions she teaches the pupils for an hour , doing practical music and singing. It also involves working towards a performance for parents.
BGS has hosted two free CPD days for Bury primary science leaders as part of a collaboration with The University Manchester and Derby High School. On the first of these the teachers were involved in workshops delivered by BGS staff from each science specialism. The second day in included a practical session on the Science of Sweets as well as some work on common children’s misconceptions and supporting them to work scientifically. This has improved subject knowledge and pedagogy across teachers from several local primary schools which will lead to an increased pupil knowledge and engagement.
The school has hosted The University of Manchester’s 3rd SEERIH Annual Primary Science Conference in November 2018, where the school offered ideal workshop and lecture areas, as well as use of laboratory, outdoor and marketplace spaces. BGS offered staff costs free of charge and 130 primary teachers from across Greater Manchester attended this sponsored event. This clearly had a massive impact on many primary teachers which again will lead to hopefully improved pupil outcomes.
Along the theme of Science, our Primary science coordinator is working with the deputy heads at another local school to offer more in depth science teaching to all pupils in the school through a link she has developed since she is also a Governor at the school. The aim is also to develop links and skills between science, technology, maths and engineering. The hope is that this will raise attainment in science and awareness of science careers for pupils, staff and parents.
BGS hosts a number of sporting events for the Bury Junior Sports Association over the course of the year. The main two are the Junior School Football League and the Junior School Five -a-Side competition. The league consists of approximately 38 schools with squads of between 8 and 10 pupils. The school has effectively provided a platform for football participation for nearly 400 children in the Bury area which we have been very proud to do owing to our outstanding sports facilities. In addition, we have provided referees for these matches taken form our own staff and pupils