Our aim

Our aim is to provide a healthy and balanced range of food that is both nutritious and exciting for the pupils at Bury Grammar Schools. Our catering team here provide the highest standards of food, quality and choice to our pupils. We take healthy eating seriously!

What we offer

We offer a wide range of hot and cold food for students to purchase in our school dining room. We produce 100% of our menu on site with fresh raw ingredients and have a three week rolling menu that changes twice a year, in winter and summer, to incorporate seasonal ingredients. to incorporate seasonal ingredients. We buy our food locally where possible and all of our meat and fish is British.

BGS Infant School Menu

BGS Junior School & Senior School Menu

Our team of in-house chefs use cooking methods and recipes that reduce the amount of salt, sugar and saturated fats used. Choice is important and therefore we offer healthier alternatives with each meal, fresh fruit salad and porridge during the winter months at breakfast, salad boxes, jacket potatoes and fresh fruit at lunch time.

Bury Grammar Schools cater for a range of specific dietary requirements including lactose intolerance and gluten free and our experienced staff are happy to discuss any medical dietary requirements.

The Options

We cater for pupils from the age of three years up to the age of 18 years. The Kindergarten, Infant and Junior School pupils have a daily choice of two to three main home cooked dishes, fresh sandwiches, pasta dishes or baked jacket potatoes with various fillings. A choice of puddings is also available which includes: a homemade cake or biscuit, fresh fruit salad or a selection of yogurts. Meals are at a cost of £2.80 per day which includes a drink, and a water machine is provided in each of the dining rooms free of charge.

Kindergarten and Reception pupils have an ongoing snack system in their classrooms, whereby children can choose a snack from the snack table whenever they feel hungry. These snacks are all in line with our healthy eating drive and include fresh fruit, yoghurt, a selection of cheeses, mini raisin packs, milk and water.

The cost of a Senior Meal Deal is £3.00, which also includes a main meal, dessert and a drink. On a daily basis, we offer homemade vegetarian soups and a pasta bar including a choice of vegetarian and meat sauces and also offer wholewheat pasta. However, there is also a choice from a wide selection of alternative healthy produce and the flexibility of spending as much or as little as they like.

We also offer a breakfast service for both Senior Boys and Senior Girls, where pupils can enjoy a selection of pastries, cereal bars and varying breakfast specials such as bacon ciabattas, scrambled eggs on toast fresh fruit, and granola pots.

Before and After School Clubs offer a daily selection of nutritional snacks, for example: cereal, toast, cheese, fruit, rice cakes and crackers.

Striving for the best

Our dedicated team provide a friendly atmosphere in the dining rooms, and our Catering Manager and Head Chef are always on site during service to answer any questions our pupils may have. Feedback from our pupils is encouraged and this is channelled through regular meetings with representatives from our Sixth Form. Comment cards are available in both dining rooms for pupils to inform us of their likes and dislikes and request any new dishes or ideas, these cards certainly keep us on our toes!

Good eating habits can last a lifetime.