Academic Ethos

Quality is never an accident: it is always the result of intelligent effort

John Ruskin

Excellent teaching is at the heart of what we do at Bury Grammar School, giving our pupils the academic edge over their peers.
We are successful in our aim to provide an outstanding education. Our pupils graduate from BGS with significantly higher grades than predicted on entry to the School, thanks to imaginative and rigorous teaching and the uniformly high expectations of our teachers.
Every year, pupils leave us with examination results unrivalled in the local area and well-prepared for the bright futures ahead of them.
BGS is a pre-university school: our aim is to prepare students for university and the world beyond. This means helping them achieve high grades and develop enquiring minds. All subjects are taught within specialist departmental areas providing first class facilities for pupils and staff.
Small class sizes, regular assessments of academic progress across all subjects and a highly qualified and committed teaching staff all play their part in the continuing academic success of our pupils.
Individual support for pupils is provided through a thorough and highly effective pastoral system as well as specific programmes put in place for those who aspire to go way beyond the normal expectations of their age group, those on our Gifted and Talented register and students who aim to win places at top universities.
Our staff also work hard to provide appropriate support for those pupils who have specific learning needs and girls and boys who might benefit from additional support for a period of time in a specific subject. Every pupil will be supported in their ambitions.
A significant number of BGS students achieve A* and A grades, supported by an environment which applauds success, very good teaching by subject specialists, and a level of academic and pastoral mentoring that genuinely cherishes the individual.