Senior Schools Admissions

Entry into our Senior Schools is highly competitive, with around half of our pupils coming from BGS Junior Schools at 11+ and around half from other schools.
This makes for the perfect mix of pupils from different backgrounds, all of whom have one very important thing in common: a thirst for learning. We understand that pupils joining us from other schools will have had different learning experiences as juniors and we are looking for potential as well as the ability to thrive within the fast-paced learning environment of our Senior Grammar Schools.
Pupils who join BGS Juniors at or before the beginning of Year 5 are not required to sit the 11+ entrance examination since we are confident that the quality of education offered in our Junior Schools means they will be well prepared for the pace and standard of learning expected in our high-performing Senior Schools.
We warmly welcome all families to BGS who are considering applying for their child to join us, and the Heads will always be keen to meet with prospective parents and pupils to discuss your future aspirations. This is the beginning of the vital home-school partnership which is at the heart of our ethos.
Please note: The Entrance Exam date for 2020 Senior School entries is Thursday 23 January 2020.

Application FormWe will then contact you to arrange an assessment for your child.

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