Bury Grammar Schools is pleased to offer a number of Scholarships to both boys and girls aimed at nurturing gifted and talented pupils.
 Year 7 Scholarships
Scholarships available for September 2020 entry are:
Kay Scholarship
This scholarship is of historic significance and is offered to the two top-performing external and internal applicants.
Bury Grammar Schools Scholarships for Excellence in: Maths, English, Science, Computing, Music, Art and others areas in which pupils show outstanding potential.
Two scholarships in each discipline are awarded: one to an external and one to an internal applicant.
Scholarships are available for our new Year 7 pupils who are identified for their ability and performance in the entrance exam, interview and application form, if they are joining BGS at age 11, or through their previous academic and school record if they have been educated in our Juniors Schools.
Our Scholarships are awarded to pupils who we feel have the potential to excel and play a leading role in school.
Sixth Form Scholarships
Our aims with the Scholarships are to:
  • Recognise potential
  • Encourage pupils to play a leading role in school
  • Nurture pupils’ abilities, gifts and talents
  • Encourage pupils to act as school ambassadors via leadership opportunities
It will be made clear through the Admissions process how to apply.
Successful scholars will be notified when they receive their offer letters to BGS.
The school will continue to offer bursary support for those requiring fee assistance. Please see our bursary section.
You can download our Application Form here or request one from the Admissions Office by calling 0161 696 8600 or emailing