Junior Pupil Leadership

BGS Junior pupils relish the opportunities of pupil leadership in our Junior Schools. Problem solving, building team spirit and learning how to lead and implement change, are qualities our pupils access in both our curriculum and in leadership responsibilities.
There are many roles on offer including Form, Vice and Sports Captains to encourage our pupils to develop personal skills in negotiation, perseverance and sense of responsibility. Our junior pupils are our proud ambassadors for the Junior Schools, they welcome visitors into school and talk confidently about their experiences.
We believe leadership is key for our young people, promoting good character integral to our school aims. Our Eco Warriors are a great example of learning to work collaboratively for a common goal in their part towards winning the Green Award for Environmental Achievement: Independent School of the Year 2019.

''My son was so happy when he was given a leadership role within his class.  It was lovely to see the pride he took in his new responsibility. ''

Year 3 Parent