Assemblies are at the heart of our community.

They allow us to come together as a school community to affirm the School’s aims and aspirations and enable pupils and staff to celebrate, share and reflect on school life and achievements.

Assemblies are complimented by registration periods where pupils discuss topical and current affairs.  In the older years, there is a real focus on growth mind-set and developing positive learning habits.
Assembly speakers include the Head teacher, Deputy Heads, Heads of Section/Year, other members of staff, visiting speakers and pupils. The Deputy Heads (Pastoral) work closely with a team of Sixth Form pupils who help to lead different Faith Assemblies.
Each year group also has its own assembly on a fortnightly basis, led by the Head of Year or Head of Section. There are also regular House assemblies.

'' Our assemblies aim to make a positive contribution to pupil’s self-development and therefore are at the heart of raising achievement and standards where pupils can learn about and reflect on diversity, leadership, accountability and responsibility. Pupils are encouraged to develop their confidence by speaking up and leading assemblies to share their experiences and interests with the rest of the School community. ''

Mrs R Newbold, Deputy Head Pastoral