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An Inclusive Education

We take our commitment to inclusivity very seriously here at Bury Grammar School.

We are proud to be a Gold Standard Centre for Inclusion in Education.

Feedback from Leeds Beckett University indicates that we are 'Excelling' in the competencies and framework used to assess schools.

The Verification Report awarding our Gold status mentioned the following:

"Leadership of diversity and inclusion permeates all the way through the organisation...and (has) a strong focus on wellbeing."

"The link between LGBTQ+ lived experiences and wellbeing/mental health has been explored and is understood by staff – there is a culture in the school where staff respect the pupil’s level of knowledge in this area and adopt a ‘ready not reactive’ approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion."

"LGBTQ+ inclusion is not an add-on at Bury Grammar, the team have worked incredibly hard to ensure that there is a strategic approach to inclusion, and this is evident in the palpably inclusive culture of the whole school."