Bury Grammar Schools

Rewarding the Positive

There is always a lot of celebrate at BGS and we pride ourselves on being a family who enjoy celebrating.
We are proud to work with our young people and believe strongly in the importance of encouragement, acknowledgement and reward. We are a high-achieving school, but we recognise that ‘success’ extends well beyond the academic realm. As such, we endeavour to foster in our students a love of learning as an end in itself and we aim to praise and share the progress made by all. We are also committed to recognising and celebrating the enrichment successes of our students in, for example, music or sport, and the ways in which they contribute to the School and the wider community.
At BGS, we celebrate significant achievements through, for example, prizes at our Prize Giving ceremonies; celebration assemblies and weekly assemblies; publication in the press, weekly e-newsletters, school website and display boards. We also endeavour to reward and praise students on a more regular basis, through postcards home and contact with parents; House Points/Merits and, most importantly, in our daily interactions.