Sport for all and excellence

The Physical Education Department believes that every pupil is given the opportunity and encouragement to achieve their potential in a stimulating, informative and safely controlled environment. With this rationale we believe that Sport for All and Elite sporting performance can flourish side by side.


The Physical Education curriculum and extra-curricular activities offer a comprehensive range of learning experiences to meet the needs of individual pupils and encourage active involvement by all, while at the same time, challenging and supporting pupils in their pursuit of excellence in both team and individual disciplines. The department promotes a ‘Sport for All’ policy and actively seeks to motivate everybody to join in, recreationally or competitively in the hope of students fostering a positive attitude towards health, fitness and physical recreation. Teamwork, communication and fair play are at the heart of all PE lessons at Bury Grammar School. Pupils are given the opportunity to sample a wide range of both traditional and nontraditional school sports and activities.

During the course of an academic year all pupils in Years 7-9 will follow a balanced programme of activities for a minimum of 2 hours 20 minutes per week, it’s a time for building foundation skills across a range of activities and allowing time for exploration and experiment. For many girls, the sheer love of sport and PE is what drives them. It is not all about physical performance. Pupils have the opportunity to balance both theory and practice given the GCSE and A level opportunities. Pupils explore the analysis and evaluation of physical activity as a performer and research methods of optimising performance whilst evaluating contemporary issues within sport. We also look at the effects of leading a healthy and active lifestyle and optimising practical performance in a competitive situation.

We are of course immensely proud of the talented sportswomen that have gone on from the school to university and beyond to make their mark and compete successfully at International level. Recent leavers have included a England cricketer player, GB triathlete and an International Athlete.