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For four and a half centuries, Bury Grammar School has been at the heart of the Bury community and is rightly proud of its rich history and long-standing tradition of being an open and inclusive School, which welcomes all bright children regardless of means. Our blend of pupils from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds is what makes our School so special and is a source of great enrichment to the Bury community as a whole.

Our Bursary Fund provides as many talented young people from low-income families as possible with the life-changing opportunity of a BGS education, by contributing wholly or partly to their school fees. Supporting bursary pupils is not only essential to the success of our School, but it also means that the most academically gifted children, regardless of means, can benefit from the type of education we provide. All our bursaries are means tested by the School.

Currently, 1 in 8 of our senior school pupils receives fee assistance, but unfortunately we are still only able to help a small percentage of those who apply for bursaries each year.

Will you help change a life through education by donating to the BGS Bursary Fund today?

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For more information about the transformative effect a BGS bursary can have, not only on the individual, but also on their family, the School and wider society, please the click image below to read our new bursaries impact report: The Ripple Effect, or contact the Development Office on

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