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Legacy Giving

The Bury Grammar School exists owing to a long and honourable tradition of legacy giving by previous generations. Henry Bury in the Sixteenth Century, and Roger Kay in the Eighteenth, knew that they had been fortunate in life, and by their generosity they ensured that generations to come, who might not be so fortunate, should be blessed with the priceless opportunity of a fine education.

As the School has grown, that initial vision has provided funds for both the expansion of the campus, with the provision of ever improving facilities, and the creation of more bursary places for pupils whose families would otherwise be unable to send them here. This development has been made possible only by a continuing tradition of philanthropy, within which legacies from Old Boys and Old Girls have played an indispensable part.

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All of our pupils, past and present, owe some element of their education to the generosity of those who walked the corridors before them; and each new gift that we receive forges another link in a chain of benefaction, inherited from the past, which will continue to secure our future.

We therefore kindly ask you to consider remembering the School in your Will.


Should you choose to leave a legacy to Bury Grammar School, you will be welcomed as a member of The Roger Kay Society, named after our early benefactor. The members of this special group will be acknowledged and thanked during their lifetimes.

At our annual lunch, members will have the opportunity to share their interests and memories with like-minded friends, meet the pupils and Headteachers, hear about our plans for the future and experience some wonderful entertainment.

You will also be included on our invitation list to all major School events.

Membership is discreet and confidential, and anonymity will be respected if wished.

Click the image below to read our full legacy brochure, or get in touch with the Development Office to find out more by calling 0161 764 1733 or emailing